The Morris Justein Family Research Tower at IMRIC, Ein Kerem

The  Morris Justein Family Research Tower at  IMRIC, Ein Kerem
Morris Justein, Toronto, ON
About Donor: 

Morris Justein was born in 1922 in Hoscta, Ukraine/Poland. He studied accounting in Rovno, Ukraine. In 1941, when Germany invaded, he left with the Russian army along with his brother Wolfz”l. Making his way across Eastern Europe during the war, he arrived in Germany at a Displaced Persons camp where he stayed until 1947, when he and his brother immigrated to Canada. Morris and his brother were sent to northern Ontario to work in a lumber camp. After a few years, they left for Toronto, bought a truck and went into business hauling jute bags and scrap metal to North Bay. Morris met and married his beloved Sallyz”l and settled in North Bay where their daughter Pamela was born. The family later moved to Toronto where he expanded his business in building and development. Morris and his late wife Sally embodied a deep passion for Jewish culture, heritage and values. Morris has shared his prosperity with a number of Jewish organizations in Toronto and Israel. His gift to the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada is a commitment of tzedakah true to his upbringing. Morris’s gift to IMRIC reflects his ongoing dedication to Israel, Jewish education, and research to benefit this and future generations. Morris has four wonderful grandchildren and one great-grandchild.