IMRIC M.Sc. and Ph.D. Research Scholarships

IMRIC M.Sc. and Ph.D. Research Scholarships
Lenny Shapiro, Calgary, AB
About Donor: 

Lenny Shapiro is a long-time supporter of Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University and particularly students at the Hebrew University. He has sponsored numerous scholarships over the years for students at all stages of their studies.

Lenny’s scholarships have been matched by other donors; he is spearheading a campaign for scholarships across Canada; through his example, he hopes to encourage others to donate toward scholarship funds. Lenny’s history of support for the Hebrew University will be recognized at the Hebrew University’s Board of Governors meeting in June 2011, when he will be awarded an Honorary Fellowship. His scholarship students will be invited to the ceremony, and will also have a special ceremony with Lenny during his time in Israel.

About Scholarship: 

These scholarships have been designated specifically to students who served in combat units of the Israel Defense Force; the donor feels that because these individuals give so much of themselves serving their country, we should give back to them by supporting their higher educational pursuits. Lenny’s IMRIC scholarships will support five IMIRC students. Each student is working with an IMRIC scientist and the students will conduct research at IMRIC in the area s of HIV/AIDS, cancer, immunology, neurology, and angiogenesis. Lenny is also supporting 32 undergraduate students, and three students from the pre-academic preparatory program (Mechina). The only exception to the combat unit criterion is Moran Divla, the IMRIC doctoral student, who served n the army but not in a combat unit.

In the video below, Lenny Shapiro discusses the scholarships he has brought to Hebrew University, and the strength of IMRIC and the importance of supporting the research there.