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Nanotech Formula Could Be Skin’s Fount Of Youth

Skin and nanotechnology

Israeli PhD student finds way to activate the body's natural defense against oxidative damage to the skin as well as internal organs.

IMRIC Researchers Discover Cellular Aging Process Unexpectedly Enhances Insulin Secretion

Cellular Aging Process Unexpectedly Enhances Insulin Secretion

Researchers find that a cell aging program causes human and mouse pancreatic beta cells to work harder and secrete more insulin.

IMRIC Research On Worms Reveals How The Brain Compensates For Sensory Loss And Points To Its Early Evolutionary Roots

The roundworm C. elegans.

A new international study led by researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, revealed that the brain’s compensatory mechanism is a basic feature that also exists in less complex nervous systems. The study has also exposed the way the mechanism works in the brain through an inter-sensory signaling system.