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IMRIC Scientists Discover Genetic Mechanism Essential To Ovary Development

Dr. Offer Gerlitz

Findings implicate a novel pathway in the normal development and maintenance of the ovary, with implications for diagnosis and the development of future treatment options.

IMRIC Scientists Say Alzheimer's Is Probably A Collection Of Diseases That Should Be Classified And Treated Separately

Deciphering the mechanism that underlies the development of Alzheimer's disease in certain families but not in others, researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Medicine have proposed that the malady is actually a collection of diseases that probably should be treated with a variety of different approaches.

Leading Israeli Daily Names HU Young Faculty Member As One Of Israel's Promising Scientists

Dr. Yoni Kupchik

Dr. Yoni Kupchik has earned the title of 'promising young scientist' from Israeli business daily, Calcalist, for his research unveiling similar neurological underpinnings between obesity and cocaine addiction.