Epigenetics Research

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IMRIC Lead Researcher: 
Partner Lead Researcher: 
Dr. Moshe Szyf, James McGill Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
IMRIC Location: 
IMRIC, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Partner Location(s): 
McGill University, Montreal
Research Team(s)
Ilana Keshet, Ph.D.
Merav Hecht, Ph.D.
Amalya Tabib, Ph.D.
Ophra Sabag, Ph.D.
Ayelet Zamir
Guy Ludwig
Razi Greenfield
This IMRIC collaboration reunites Dr. Szyf with his teacher, Prof. Howard Cedar, as they continue their pioneering work in epigenetics and cancer. 
Their collaboration has demonstrated the importance of DNA methylation and its capacity to switch on and off the triggers that control gene activity. The research they are conducting now at IMRIC can lead to an entirely new direction in the development of a personalized treatment for cancer and other genetic diseases. 
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