Dr. Joel K. Yisraeli

Department of Developmental Biology and Cancer Research, IMRIC , Developmental Biology & Cancer Research, IMRIC
IMRIC Researcher

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Why I became a researcher: 

I am fascinated with how embryos manage to generate diversity in an organized fashion.  The establishment of the embryonic axes early in development helps provide the positional information necessary for subsequent differentiation.  We have identified and we are currently studying a family of proteins called VICKZ that can read these early positional signals and help traffic RNA molecules to specific locations within cells. In humans, VICKZ proteins are expressed during embryonic development, turned off after birth, but re-expressed in many kinds of cancer, where they are associated with cell migration and metastasis.  These proteins represent highly specific biomarkers of transformed cells, and we are developing tools that will enable us to eliminate cells expressing VICKZ proteins.


Post-Doctoral Training, Harvard, Developmental Biology, 1986-89

PhD in Microbiology, Hebrew University, 1986

BA, cum laude, in Biochemistry, Princeton University, 1979

Selected Awards and Honors: 
2011: The Rami Rahamimoff Prize for Excellence in Teaching
2002: Israel Cancer Association Prize of Excellence
1993: Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine Prize
1990: ICRF Research Career Development Award
1989: Charles Revson Award
yisraeli [at] cc [dot] huji [dot] ac [dot] il