Dr. Rotem Karni

Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, IMRIC
IMRIC Researcher

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Why I became a researcher: 

My interest in science began when I was a small child in Kibbutz Ramat Hashofet in the north of Israel. I used to catch reptiles and insects just so I could learn about them. My curiosity turned into ambitions of becoming a zoologist. I had dreams of studying animals in the South American rain forests. In order to pursue these dreams I began studying biology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. That’s where I fell in love with genetics and biochemistry. I specifically wanted to understand why and how cancer develops and progresses, affecting the lives of so many people around the world.

Today, in my lab at IMRIC we are interested in how the process of alternative RNA splicing (a fundamental step of gene expression) is de-regulated in cancer and other diseases, and how the proteins that control this process (called splicing factors) contribute to cancer development, tumor progression and the metastatic process.

Some of our findings on new cancer therapies and diagnostic tools are currently being developed by the Hebrew University technology transfer company Yissum.


2003-2008: Post-Doctoral training, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY

2003: PhD in Biological Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1996: B. Sc in Biology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Selected Awards and Honors: 
2010: Award from the Israel Cancer Association
2009: Award for Research Cooperation and High Excellence in Science (ARCHES) from the Minerva stiftung foundation and the German ministry of education and research (BMBF). Presented by the German federal minister of education and research Prof. Annette Schavan.
2001-2002: Yitzhak and Salve Hazelkorn Scholarship for excellence in PhD studies
2001: Noah Lichtenstein Prize, The Department of Biological Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2000: EMBL/SALK/EMBO Conference on "Oncogenes and Growth Control", Heidelberg, Germany - lecture
1999: ASBMB/PABMB Graduate/Postdoctoral Travel Award (San Francisco) - poster and lecture
1998: The Polack Prize for excellence in studies and research from The Institute of Life Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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