Dr. Ze'ev Paroush

Professor of Biochemistry and Developmental Genetics , Developmental Biology & Cancer Research, IMRIC
Vice Dean For Research
Chair of the Faculty of Medicine’s Research Committee
IMRIC Researcher

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Why I became a researcher: 

Throughout my academic life I have consistently enjoyed great science teachers. First and foremost, I had charismatic science teachers in both elementary and high school. Later on, I found the brilliant lecturers I had encountered, during my undergraduate biology studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, highly inspirational. I was, furthermore, lucky to carry out my PhD research under the mentorship and guidance of distinguished Professor Howard Cedar at the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Medicine. Finally, I had the privilege of training as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Professor David Ish-Horowicz, a Fellow of the Royal Society, at Oxford University and Cancer Research, UK.

It was clear to me that I would like to establish my own laboratory, as an independent group leader, in the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University. Here at IMRIC, besides teaching undergraduates and pursuing my research interests, I aim to serve as a role model to my graduate students, in whom I try to trigger the motivation and excitement I had enjoyed so much during my scientific education.

With regards to research, the objective of our investigations is to understand how signals, transmitted by the cell’s various transduction pathways, stimulate transcription factors to activate or repress the expression of their target genes. Specifically, we explore how signaling mediated by the EGF receptor pathway, that is tightly linked to human cancer (e.g., breast, lung and melanoma), impacts on gene regulation.


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Imperial Cancer Research Fund (Cancer Research, UK) at Oxford University, UK, 1991-1995

PhD in Molecular Biology, The Hebrew University, 1990

BSc in Biology, The Hebrew University, 1984

Selected Awards and Honors: 
2000, 2005: The Faculty of Medicine’s Award for Outstanding Research
1999-2009: Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Lectureship in Medicine
1998: American Physicians Fellowship Prize to Young Faculty Member
1997: Golda Meir Fellowship
1997: Israel Cancer Research Fund's Research Career Development Award
1994-1995: European Science Foundation Long-Term Fellowship
1991-1992: European Molecular Biology Organization Long-Term Fellowship
1990: British Council and Israeli Ministry of Technology and Science Joined Award
zparoush [at] cc [dot] huji [dot] ac [dot] il