Prof. Baruch Minke

Professor of Physiology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem , Medical Neurobiology, IMRIC
IMRIC Researcher

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Why I became a researcher: 

I am a native Israeli and grew up here. Much of my academic life has been at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It is here that I pursued my B.Sc. in biology, Masters in physiology and PhD in biophysics.

After my PhD I continued my studies in the United States at Purdue University. Here I specialized in genetic dissection of signal transduction systems.

My investigations have created a new field of research. I identified a new type of ion channel, the TRP channel, as a result of my studies on phototransduction and vision in fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster). I investigated the biophysical and biochemical properties of TRP channels in fruit fly eyes, and identified phospholipase C as a crucial component of the Drosophila TRP signaling pathway. The principles that I found are common to numerous sensory systems, including nociception, thus laying the foundation for the study of the molecules that underlie mechanisms of pain.

Today my research along with other scientists continues to make waves worldwide. Through these investigations it has become evident that TRP channels govern many of the human body's regulatory processes. These proteins are involved not only in fly vision but also in initiating the sensation of pain, temperature, and taste, and even in hereditary neurological diseases.


1973-1975: Post Doctoral Training in Genetics & Electrophysiology of the Visual system, Purdue University, Laboratory of Prof. W.L. Pak at the Department of Biological Sciences, W. Lafayette, IN, USA

1969-1973: Ph.D. Biophysics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1969-1973: M.Sc. Physiology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1964-1967: B.Sc. Physiology and Biochemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Selected Awards and Honors: 
2010: EMET Prize in Life Sciences on Brain Research from the Israeli Prime Minister
2010: Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research from Spain
1985-1986: Wolf Research Grant for Excellent Research, Wolf Foundation for Research, Israel
1976: Excellent research on Phototransduction, Bat Sheva de Rothschild Foundation, Jerusalem
1973: Senior Fulbright Hays Program, US-Israel Educational Foundation
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Lecture by Baruch Minke of IMRIC at the ELSC-ICNC Seminar Series 2012-2013

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Researcher in the News

The Prestigious 2013 DIP Grant Received By Dr. Binshtok And Co-Investigators

December 20, 2012 - Dr. Alexander Binshtok and Co-Investigators Prof. Baruch Minke and Prof. Yoel Yaari of the Department of Medical Neurobiology, IMRIC, The Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine have received the prestigious 2013 DIP Grant for their multidisciplinary research project titled "Programmable Molecular Nanorobots for Treatment of Chronic Pain and Epilepsy".

Binshtok - Minke - Yaari

About DIP:

Established in 1997 by the German Ministry for Education and Science (BMBF), the DIP (Deutsch-Israelische Projektkooperation) Program promotes German-Israeli scientific cooperation in highly competitive areas of academic research demonstrating state-of-the-art quality. Projects are funded for a five-year period and can come from all fields, including the humanities and the social sciences.

Hebrew University Study Finds Key Mechanism In Calcium Regulation - Important Element In Road Towards Development Of New Drugs For Neurodegenerative Diseases

In a study recently published in the Journal of Neuroscience, Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers, along with others from Israel and the US, presented their findings of a previously undescribed cellular mechanism which is essential for keeping cellular calcium concentration low.