Prof. Chaya Kalcheim

The Alice and Siegfried Menkes Professor in Cancer Research and Experimental Medicine , Medical Neurobiology, IMRIC
IMRIC Researcher

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Why I became a researcher: 

Understanding how a fertilized egg transforms into a tri-dimensional, highly patterned organism is a long-standing challenge in Biology. This main concept can be subdivided into several themes such as:
- How are different cell types generated from initially homogeneous progenitors in the embryo?
- How do these primitive cells migrate directionally to reach their homing sites and then form distinct tissues and organs?
- How are cell movement, cell proliferation and differentiation coordinated to create an organized tissue?
- How do we explain the etiology of congenital malformations based on our knowledge of normal development?
My laboratory deals with the above questions using two model systems, the development of the nervous and skeletal systems in vertebrate embryo models.


1986: Post-doc in Developmental Neurobiology, Institut D'Embryologie du CNRS et College de France

1984: Ph.D. in Neurochemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science

1979: M.Sc in Neuroendocrinology, Weizmann Institute of Science

Selected Awards and Honors: 
Oct 2010-2012: FRIAS Fellow, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies and LifeNet
2005: The Alice and Siegfried Menkes Chair in Cancer Research and Experimental Medicine
1997: Prize for excellency in Teaching, Medical Faculty
1995: The Bernard Katz Prize and Lectureship in Neurobiology, University of Heidelberg, Germany
1993: The Joseph and Belle Braun Cathedra in Life Sciences and Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
kalcheim [at] cc [dot] huji [dot] ac [dot] il