Breast Cancer

Dr. Gerald Batist, Director, Department of Oncology and Director, McGill Centre for Translational Research in Cancer (MCTRC)

Each year, thousands of women, both young and old, are plagued by the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. This disease not only affects these women individually, but their families as well. 

The IMRIC collaboration between McGill University and the Hebrew University will help us to understand how cancer cell programming works, which can help scientists stop the spread of the cancer. This research can give doctors more effective forms of treatment and save the lives of thousands of women in the future. 

Collaborative Projects

Breast Cancer Research


The IMRIC collaboration between McGill University and Hebrew University brings together two top scientists who have each made their mark in the world of cancer research. Their partnership will bring us closer to understanding how tumors, like organs, develop "stem cells" that circulate and implant themselves in other parts of the body.

Latest News

Researchers at the Hebrew University Institute of Medical Research Israel-Canada have discovered a new mechanism by which breast cancer cells switch on their aggressive cancerous behavior. The discovery provides a valuable marker for the early diagnosis and follow-up treatment of malignant growths.

Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine researchers show for the first time that the protein Erbin is an important brake that helps prevent pathological cardiac hypertrophy - Research also has implications for the treatment of breast cancer.

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