Spinal Cord Injury


One of the most serious injuries that can occur to someone previously healthy is a spinal cord injury. The consequences of such an injury can result in the inability to walk and/or paralysis, which has severe effects on one’s lifestyle. 

To develop a standard of care that would benefit those suffering from such injuries, IMRIC is working on two collaborative projects, one with the University of Calgary, and the other with the University of British Columbia and the Rick Hansen Institute. It is their hope that those suffering from such injuries can continue to live as normal a life as possible. 

Collaborative Projects

Spinal Cord Injury Research


This unique IMRIC collaboration brings together experts from three prominent institutions: the University of British Columbia, The Rick Hansen Institute, and IMRIC, to share ideas and develop a universal standard of care and treatment for patients with spinal cord injury.

Spinal Cord Injury Research


IMRIC's Dr. Aharon Lev Tov joins Dr. Patrick Whelan from the University of Calgary, to better understand how our brain communicates with spinal circuits that generate walking.

Latest News

A prominent Calgarian is the recipient of a first-time award for being a "champion of spinal cord research."

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